The “Next Big Thing” in Radiology

The history of spinal radiology has advanced from plain film to digital plates. Neither of these methods has improved the overlapping of images we deal with on spinal views due to the typical projection.

This leads to incorrect and incomplete findings that have forced us to make our best educated guesses. What if there was a way to eliminate the guesswork in order to give our patients the best diagnosis and care possible?

Enter The New
VACRT (Variable Angle Central Ray Technology)

Utilizing the revolutionary VAXray x-ray equipment that will create an image without the typical projection overlapping of spinal segments.

It will accomplish this by producing 90 degree views using VACRT of any or all the bones of the entire spinal column as is needed. This process will then have the ability to make a greatly improved 3D image.

The VAXray Scans at 90 Degrees Using two methods described and illustrated in detail. Click here.

This will give a more complete, more accurate picture allowing better diagnoses and care of our patients. It will produce the desired results in clinics, radiology labs, hospitals and sports stadiums. It allows a complete view from every angle, revealing the unseen and eliminating guess work. Instant revelations as never seen before will be possible.

This truly is the “Next Big Thing” in radiology,
one without limits and our goal is to have it ready this year.

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